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She now works for 6ABC Action News. In April, 2018, nine months after Matthew was charged, Jessica called the Spalding County district attorneys office to ask why Matthews case hadnt been presented to a grand jury. Author: Jessica Noll, VAULT Studios Published: 2:55 PM MST January 10, 2020 They had even taken notebooks off shelves and shredded the documents., Dix was one of the Griffin police officers present the night that Jessica was shot. I would have picked something different, Jessica went on. This is Jessica Lester's story of survival. It was almost like her personality got squished out of her.. In the nineteen-nineties, researchers found that forty-one per cent of male officers admitted that, in the previous year, theyd been physically aggressive toward their spouses, and nearly ten per cent acknowledged choking, strangling, or usingor threatening to usea knife or a gun. One woman said that he would drive to her house and shine the lights of his patrol car into her windows. After informing Jessica Lester that her ex-husband, former GPD officer Matthew Boynton, would not be tried on a felony charge of violating his oath of office because the oath could not be located by that same agency, The GRIP obtained a copy through the submission of an Open Records request to Spalding County Magistrate Court, where the oath of office is administered to new GPD officers. Her husband Matthew (a police officer) is the one who called the police because he has "no idea what's happened to . This is Jessica Lester's story of survival. The county sheriff ruled her dead at the scene. Thats something that yall would have to figure out., The G.B.I.s theory of Jessicas shooting depended on her being suicidal, but she gave no indication of being depressed. Im glad to know theres still advocacy in the practice in the courts of the Griffin Judicial Circuit. No one ended up testifying about Jessica and Matthews marriage. The Corrupt World Behind the Murdaugh Murders. Then he would handcuff me and put me on the hood of his patrol car and have oral sex with me, she wrote in a statement. She was told that, to prove that a crime had been committed, the district attorney needed to establish that the oath of office had been administered to Matthew. He would flash his lights and pull her over, and force her to have sex with him. Matthew was called in for questioning. They so called investigated but the only people I know they talked to was the family and when I bring the case back up all they want to do is talk to me again . They moved in together in January, 2017, and as they were packing Willey discovered that Matthew had a large gym bag full of womens clothes, along with a retainer with Jessica printed on its case. He was Spalding County. Jessica and Matthew started dating in high school and she got pregnant ends up with 2 young children, at a young age. Early that morning, Matthew was interviewed by Chris DeMarco, a G.B.I. $50. That isnt the first time thats happened., Asked if Lenhard had elaborated on efforts to locate Boyntons oath of office, Lester said, She just said that shed called, and they said they didnt have it. But Jessica Boynton, 19, now claims hubby and high school sweetheart Matthew Boynton was the one who shot her in a bid to fake her suicide. In the spring of 2016, less than six months after the wedding, Jessica discovered that Matthew was having an affair with Courtney Callaway, a dispatcher at the Spalding County sheriffs office, a mile away from the Griffin Police Department. On his way, at 12:54 a.m., he said, he received a text from Jessica: I cant do this anymore. Owen proposed that Beam supervise the visits. The boys expressed fear of having any potential contact with their biological father, the psychologist wrote. The men would sit down, and the women would stand behind their men. At the time, I was well known in my field by people who had some cloutshe worked in hospital risk management and had friends in law enforcementand what we should have done is pulled some strings, she said. Jacob is gentle and jovial, articulating emotions that Jessica herself struggles to name. That mentality spilled into his home life. Then-Griffin Police Department officer Matthew Boynton was arrested on July 28, 2017, for giving a false statement to his own department stating he was not i. The following year, Gibson put a female colleague in a headlock and held a Taser against her temple. Special Release: Marcus Wesson and the Vampire Incest Clan of Fresno. I guarantee you he wont a hundred per cent say what happened, he said. So sad they covered up and miss handled the attempted murder for this dirtbag. Jessica was found with a gunshot wound in the closet of the couple's bedroom. In a composition notebook, Jessica documented the times she assumed Matthew had been with his girlfriend, and she jotted down notes for the lawyer. Sanders offered Willey a hundred and twenty dollars to sneak into Matthews utility closet and get Jessicas bag. A deputy named Misty Piper said that, after Gibson repeatedly pressured her to have sex with him, she acquiesced, because she felt that, if she defied Gibson, she would meet a similar fate. He didnt find any, and dismissed the protective order. And in both instances, he was cleared of wrongdoing.), That Matthew had found himself in a troubled relationship did not surprise Dix. Her relationship with Matthew is far from perfect and he seems to be pretty controlling. its a bunch of good ole boys its terrible that no one cares all they are there for is a pay check. In early May, after three weeks in a coma, Jessica began to regain consciousness. Her aunt Denise, a public-school teacher, said that, at the wedding, there was just this sadness in her eyes, like, Im done. She had the demeanor of a child who had promised herself not to cause trouble or draw attention to her own feelings. The nurse didnt answer. She (Lenhard) said as long as we can prove where it came from.. Gradually, though, her concerns dissipated. If he has to drive to downtown Griffin, he cleans and vacuums his car, so he can easily see if someone plants drugs or contraband. Wright then listed a series of 12 items he said were missing from the records Yancey had cited in her case check list. Like many docile, self-effacing women, Jessica has some hidden pockets of pride, and one of them is her skills as a writer. report" 5 . I asked her who they are, and she said the Police Department. A fence separates their house from an open field, where nine cows and two donkeys graze. There is no indication Yancey responded in writing to Wrights email, but another representative of the D.A.s Office said several D.A.s Office employees had spoken by phone with multiple GPD personnel regarding Boyntons missing oath. Lester said Lenhard explained the basis of the scheduling delay in presenting the case to a grand jury and addressed the violation of the oath of office charge. Crimes & Closets. Can a new approach curb domestic homicide? What would happen if you were being abused by your spouse and he just happened to be a police officer? The question still remains: Who, if anyone, shot Lester? A half hour or so later, Browning was lying in bed when she heard a gunshot. Aug 22 2021 22 mins. Shortly after Jessica was hospitalized, her aunt Kathy took a photograph of a C-shaped bruise on the back of Jessicas head, and she shared it with the G.B.I. Her relationship with Matthew is far from perfect and he seems to be pretty controlling. SMHBRING IN FBI. If you have some specific questions you want to aske me, send them to me and Ill respond in writing., When The GRIP said it does not conduct interviews by email, but reiterated there are no objections to recording the interview, Yates responded by saying, Im not really interested in doing an interview with you. Jessica and Jacob have a son together, and their living room and kitchen are arranged like a nursery school, with a poster displaying the ABCs, a whiteboard, and wooden coat hangers shaped like trucks. Murder + Horrific = Murderific. Jessica and Matthew started dating in high school and she got pregnant ends up with 2 young children, at a young age. We have since received it and will respond accordingly.. The agents who wrote the report seemed indifferent to the dynamics of Jessica and Matthews marriage, as if the subject were a private matter that didnt merit discussion in an official investigation. She was quickly erased from the promotional images and her profile was deleted from the NBC10 website. I would have written suicidal thoughts, not suicide thoughts., She told me that she couldnt imagine using a clich such as I have not been able to recognize the person I see in the mirror., I dont generally even look in the mirror, she said. The Officer's Wife is a true crime podcast that looks at the case of Jessica Boynton who was found with an apparent gunshot wound to her head after a heated argument with her husband Georgia police officer Matthew Boynton. I think the city thought this would be business as usual, until a local reporter and a loser truck driver got involved, Will Sanders said. $100. Gibson had worked in the sheriffs office for twenty-eight years, and he cultivated an aura of invincibility. Matthew met Jessica during her sophomore year of high school at open house in 2012. Show Of Force The New Yorker | October 7, 2019 A policeman claimed that his wife had attempted suicide. 1,423 followers. Jessica Lesters friends persuaded her to date Matthew Boynton, a boy in the eleventh grade, by saying, If you dont like him, you can always break up. He was the grandson of the sheriff of Spalding County, where they lived, an hour south of Atlanta, and his friends were football players and cheerleaders. An Open Records request for the digital report on the photo Yates sent Coker indicated the photograph was taken at 3:19 p.m. April 26, less than 24 hours after The GRIPs interview with Coker. Ashley Dunn, the lead teacher in Jessicas classroom, said, We were all, like, You can do an awesome job working with ten two-year-olds but you cant see your own kids? On weekends, Dunn sometimes asked Jessica to babysit for her own children. . 1,082 following. <br /><br />Executive Producer: Mike T.<br /><br />Promo: Reverie True Crime Podcast<br . Jessica Lester was found unconscious in her Griffin home from what police thought was an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. In the spring of 2013, when she was sixteen and had dated Matthew for a year, she took her grandparents into the kitchen, closed the door, and told them, apologizing, that she was pregnant. Wheres my baby? Jessica asked, once her breathing tubes were removed. The following day, Martin emailed a copy of the oath to Neville for placement in Boyntons personnel file. They had Tollin soon after, and were married on Oct. 24, 2015. I have a case summary and a criminal history. But the factors that lead to abuse at homecoercion, authoritarianism, a sense of entitlement to violenceare also present in the work that police officers do on the streets. Cases like thiswe dont usually have someone to talk to like you, because youre not here, Coleman told her. Jessicas grandmother made an appointment with a lawyer who could help her file for divorce. In late 2014, Whitehouse, one of the youngest deputies in the sheriffs office, scheduled a meeting with Beam to say that Gibsons treatment of female cops was demeaning. closed its case, concluding that Jessicas wounds were self-inflicted. I would respectfully decline the interview.. Her family wondered if this was her way of escaping the relationship. The G.B.I. Dont make me laugh.. Karen, I am working on Matthew Boyntons case and according to your check list, there is a lot missing. It should not be surprising that domestic abuse appears to predict excessive use of forcea link that scholars have suggested should alter the way that departments respond to both kinds of aggression. Murder + Horrific = Murderific. Her relationship with Matthew is Show Crimes & Closets, Ep Jessica Lester and Matthew Boynton - Jul 19, 2021. Eleven Griffin police officers arrived at the apartment complex. By then, Beams reputation had been muddied by the Gibson investigation, and he had been voted out of office. I hope those stories went too far, he said, referring to the notorious Wood Chipper. She was sure that if she didnt comply he would arrest her. No one responded to Marthas letters. Difference between non-contested & adultery divorce? she wrote. Jessicas grandparents, who are Baptist, were willing to help her bring up the child, but Jessica decided to settle down with Matthew, her first boyfriend. Jessica and Matthew Boynton pose for a wedding photo. He thinks its funny. At the judges recommendation, they also arranged for a psychological evaluation. "Our Crime Scene Specialists are hard at work every day to support the law enforcement community of Georgia. Browning, who sometimes socialized with Jessica and Matthew, cried throughout her interview. But, he said, there are a lot of questions out thereboth in favor of Jessica and in favor of Matthewthat could be answered, but I just dont think the G.B.I. They recorded interviews with eight Griffin police officers, some of whom Matthew considered good friends; one informed the agents that Matthew was telling me how she kind of acts crazy sometimes when she dont get her way. The G.B.I. She could now recall that after she returned from Walmart she went to her closet to put her shoes on, because she needed to walk the dog. While not shocked (having been married to one of them good old boys) I am concerned over the GBI handling (or rather the mishandling) of this case. Her ex-husband and former Griffin police officer Matthew Boynton . Bad decisions, he said. Jessicas only diagnosis was acute stress disorder, which, the evaluator wrote, occurs when an individual is exposed to actual or threatened death. The evaluator added that her symptoms are normal and to be expected through circumstances such as hers.. Jessica . The sheriffs department does not respond to incidents inside the Griffin city limits, and he was the only one from his office there. Lester recovered from the shooting but doesnt remember any of it. 1,423 Followers, 1,082 Following, 1,354 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from jessica boynton (@gessieboy) gessieboy. Matthew Boynton allegedly deprived ex-wife Jessica Lester of her belongings and lied to the authorities about doing so, Griffin police Lt. Michael Natale said in a statement. Like a car accident? she asked. If you do wear makeup and fix your hair, youre a whore., Beam asked Whitehouse to meet him at a park on the outskirts of Griffin. The 20-year-old says he s heading to Waffle House for a late night food run with on-duty cop and best friend, Officer Joshua Guthrie--leaving his . The Citizens Police Data Project, in Chicago, analyzed the records of Chicago cops between 2000 and 2016 and found that officers accused of domestic abuse received fifty per cent more complaints than their colleagues for using excessive force. Jessica, at home with her three boys, still has occasional migraines, weakness in her left foot, and lingering amnesia about the night of her shooting. The judges are very swayed by their own reactions to each person, Meier said. I actually called them. But the sheriff still loomed large in their relationship. It was Im going to lock people up. Hardheaded. A few months after the wedding, Denise and Amy went out for lunch. Occasionally, Jessica still reflexively asked Jacob for permission to do things like visit her grandparents or go to the store. Jessica would not touch a gun, she said. According to Jessica Lester, Boyntons ex-wife who filed a police report that ultimately led to Boyntons arrest, she became aware of this development during a meeting with representatives of the Griffin Judicial Circuits District Attorneys Office. Newlyweds Jessica and Matthew Boynton seemed like the picture-perfect coupleuntil the young mother is found unresponsive & covered in blood inside her locked bedroom closet. Here are out on a good deed . Did this license lead Alex Murdaugh to commit fraud after fraudand then kill his wife and son? In 2012, Piper complained to Beam, and he said hed look into the accusations, if she put them in writing. Matthew testified that Jessicas grandparents were not blood-related, and could not be trusted with the children. The agency deferred to its chief medical examiner, who spent ninety minutes on the case and never examined Jessica. Police found Jessica Boynton in the closet of her home with a gunshot wound to the head, and a police issued firearm in her hand. Eric Paul. The new sheriff, Darrell Dix, the former lieutenant in the Griffin Police Department, told me that when he unlocked the doors to the sheriffs office on his first day on the job, January 1, 2017, he found nine industrial-sized trash bags full of shredded papers. Follow. I dont doubt the findings of the G.B.I., he told me. She notified a local truck driver named Will Sanders, who had a reputation as a freelance investigator. On April 25, less than three hours after the Open Records request was received by June Rainey, The GRIP was provided with a copy of Boyntons official oath that had been administered June 15, 2015, by Judge Brennan T. MacDowell. Less than a week after Jessica emerged from her coma, DeMarco and another G.B.I. Henderson, the surgeon, had written Lowry a letter stating that whatever investigation there was done into this event in no way reflected our observations in the emergency room.. oidv intimate partner violence ipv abuse law enforcement public safety staged suicide teflon griffin police officer matthew boynton lethal fatality fatalities rule out attempted murder georgia state . Delmont, Matthew F . jessica boynton saved by grace master of arts in art history architectural photographer + light chaser. I already know it wont.. This episode was sponsored by Best Fiends and Scary Time Podcast by Indie Drop-In Network. : . She suspected that there had been a physical altercation leading up to the gunshots. Police found 19-year-old Jessica Boynton soaked in her own blood and locked in a wardrobe after her husband, Matthew Boynton, heard two gunshots in the house they share in Griffin, Georgia. Leigh Goodmark, the director of the Gender Violence Clinic, at the University of Marylands Carey School of Law, speculates that one reason for the dearth of research is a reluctance to fund a study that will bring attention to an uncomfortable dilemma: that, as Goodmark says, those policing the crime and those committing it are often the same person.. He said, Sad. When asked, how come, he stated, because daddy scares me. He went on to say, Daddy was up the hill and hurt me in his house., The sheriffs department in Pike County, where Matthew was living, investigated whether there had been abuse, but Matthew denied the allegation and the department did not find any concrete evidence. Im not well connected with anyone. She decided to resign instead. I was scared to death, because I couldnt find him, that she would shoot me, shoot him, and then kill herself.. As for when the case file was submitted to the Cokers office, Yates said, It was submitted after we concluded it and finished our paperwork. 1,354 posts. Not long afterward, she saw Matthew walk briskly to his truck. That is where her memory ends. King told me, Youd think it would have been simple enough to put bags on her hands and test them for gunshot residue. Listen to this episode from Crimes & Closets on Spotify. Blame the warm weather, The Jolt: Busy, long day at the Georgia Legislature. She wanted to elaborate on what shed witnessed, but the agents left after eight minutes and never came back. When she asked Matthew about the shooting, nothing adds up, she wrote to another friend on Facebook. Matthew Boynton allegedly deprived ex-wife Jessica Lester of her belongings and lied to the authorities about doing so, Griffin police Lt. Michael Natale said in a statement. In July, he was charged with two felonies: making false statements and violating his oath of office. No, I cant even get it out of the case, she said. I dont think the text was quite that literal, Jacob said. They have won. Lucy Boynton (born 1994) Lindy Brill (born 1963) Charlie Brooks (born 1981) Josh Brown (born 1990) . She had both of the boys packed and ready to go, Dusty said. But a psychiatrist who assessed her for depression apparently saw no need to give her a diagnosis or refer her for treatment. The investigation leaves some with more questions than answers.#RealLifeNightmare Saturday 8p on HLN. Four of her grandchildren had taken target-shooting classes together, but Jessica had refused to participate. View Jessica Boynton results in Georgia (GA) including current phone number, address, relatives, background check report, and property record with Whitepages. She finished her high-school coursework online, and almost never saw her friends or family. A meeting with Assistant District Attorney Kate Lenhard was held April 13. At the time of the shooting Jessica was looking to make a new start for herself and two young sons. Never, she said. Unable to obtain further information through the previously agreed upon interview, The GRIP on April 26 submitted Open Records requests to Cokers office and the city of Griffin. Mike Yates, the chief of the Griffin police, told me in an e-mail that Matthews case had nothing to do with domestic violence. They find a gun under her, and there is blood pooling around her head from what they assume to be a gunshot wound to the head. Listen to S6-E54 Jessica Lester And Matthew Boynton and 104 more episodes by Murderific True Crime Podcast, free! She wouldnt have done that to them. The officers told Dusty she needed to either calm down or leave the property. Unnerved, she went out to the porch, where she heard another. I dont know what date that was. No further information was forthcoming regarding the missing oath or the potential dismissal that could have resulted had it not been located. Three days after she left the hospital, a deputy from the Pike County sheriffs office delivered a Family Violence Protective Order. Here lately I have not been able to recognize the person I see in the mirror. Thats the game here, he said. He asked me to go get it out before, and I told him, Youre going to have to.. We believe he is a danger to her, she told the judge, Tommy Hankinson. . Sanders was forty-three years old and the son of a former Republican state representative; he considered himself a happy beneficiary of the good-old-boys system, he told me, and did not do his work in pursuit of political reform. Matthew called a Griffin police lieutenant for advice. They were hurt.. In May, 2017, they broke up. ..I asked her if it could be found, would she be able to use it? Lester said. Shes just a piece of shit, Jacob clarified. The officers found Jessica in her bedroom closet, unconscious and lying on her side, her head on a bloody pillow. That same day, The GRIP made contact with Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Ben Coker, who said he was unfamiliar with the missing oath or the meeting between Lenhard and Lester. The shooting is the subject of CNN's hourlong episode of "Real Life Nightmare," which airs 8 p.m. Saturday. Follow. For a while, he put clear tape on the doors of his house and car, so he would know if anyone had sneaked inside. But she felt isolated. She found that, when a mother accused a father of domestic abuse or child abuse, she lost custody to the father in twenty-eight per cent of cases. Im, like, You dont have to ask me, he said. But now he resorted to a more mundane theory about the culture of power. Despite the months the oath reportedly could not be located, once The GRIP informed Coker it had acquired a copy, the GPD reported Boyntons original oath of office had been found. She felt she needed men in power on her side if she were to challenge a culture in which men let other men get away with what they please. When the men wanted tea, they just shook their glasses.. Yates then abruptly ended the interview by stating he would not answer any further questions at that time, but that questions could be emailed to him. what happened to jessica boynton what happened to jessica boynton 150 150 ICC ICC https . Coker did not call that day, nor has he responded to multiple subsequent requests for an interview. She has a tendency to brush over painful experiences. This blows my mind.. Haha Im sorry I didnt think about that lol, he wrote. Jessica told me, Id probably go to jail before Id put the boys back in a situation where Matthew could even think about doing anything to them.. Matthew, a police officer in a small town called Griffin, in Georgia, rushed home. Jessica, who was in tenth grade, was less popular. In isolated, poor regions of South Carolina, coming from an lite familyoffereda feeling of impunity. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Cond Nast. The subsequent investigation was short-lived, with it having been deemed a "civil matter.". Earlier that night Jessica's husband Matthew headed to Waffle House for a late . Im only concerned with the G.B.I. did not record any interviews with Jessicas family or friends. Only the pillow under her head was bloody. When asked where the oath had been located, Yates stated, It was in evidence., Asked if it had been in evidence for the six months it had been sought and reported as missing to the District Attorneys Office, Yates said, I dont know anything about their efforts to try to find it or anything about that, but it has been in evidence since we concluded the case.. This is Jessica Lester's story of survival. However, with the later discovery of previously-unknown evidence, it evolved into an . haslingden tip book a slot,